Friday, January 4, 2013

Homemade Eclairs

Homemade Eclairs
Milk Free

One of my little chef is having a Paris birthday party so I decided to give as a gift a cooking class to learn how to make Eclairs. It was fun to make them and LOTS of work but the faces when they ate them "priceless". We got the recipes from:

I changed the recipe for my daughter because she has allergy to milk.
Pastry Cream: I used Rice Milk and I added 1 TBS extra of cornstarch
Chocolate Glaze:  I didn't use the heavy cream, I just melted the chocolate "Enjoy Life" (dairy, soy and nut free) and added a TBS of butter or spread.
For all the recipes I used regular butter because she is not allergic but you could use any kind of margarine or spread that you normally use, I'm actually thinking to try is with Coconut Oil.

regular cream

Milk Free Cream

Mikayla mixing the dough

 Me making the Petite Eclairs 

Out of the Oven

Girls give the Thumb UP!!!!