Friday, May 18, 2012

Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

here you have a really good and easy recipe for the kids to make for dinner.

1 Medium Russell Potato  (boiled them soft and cooled)
1 tsp of butter
1 TBS of milk
1 TBS of egg
1/4 cup of flour
salt, and spices to your own taste

let the kids peel and smash the potato with a fork, then add all the wet ingredients and add the flour little by little, the texture needs to be dry (not sticking to your hands). Separate the dough in 2, shape it like a burger and place a piece of cheese in the middle, then fold all the sides and press them down. Put about a cup of oil in a deep pan so it doesn't splash all over, warm it at medium temperature until it gets really hot. place the stuffed potato in the oil until golden brown. dry them with a paper towel. 
I like them with sugar! but you can eat them any way you like, veggies on the side, ketchup, spice sauce, chutney! mmmmmmm yum!

the kids painting their garden decorations :o)

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