Friday, May 18, 2012

Ou La La for my little girl

Rock Girl goes to Paris
Last year my baby turned "6" I know how, what, when?????  so I asked her if she wanted a big birthday party or if she wanted to go somewhere and have a small party, after a small silence she said. " lets go to Paris! "WHAT???? I actually loved the idea but it was a little more than our party budget hahaha. So we went to her second choice The Tahiti Village in Las Vegas and we visit the hotel Paris, we took her to the 1/2 size Eiffel Tower then, we had Eclairs.

The party was a Rock Girls go to Paris. I'm not going to lie that I spent many sleepless nights planning, drawing and cutting; but it was totally worth every second when I saw her face right before the party she was allowed in the room an it was priceless!

I bought the goodie bags, paper goods, and balloons from Oriental Trading the whole package for 8 girls was $89 and they had free shipping that day so wooohooo! The things for the goodie bags I set them on a table and they took whatever they wanted in their bag, so they got to play with everything in the party.
I bought some extra decors at the Dollar Tree, I made a foam Eiffel Tower, painted black and cover it with purple glitter. I found some pictures on line and I framed them for the back wall.
Because it was a small party I made a lot of different sweets that of didn't last much :)
for dinner we had burgers with fries, and chocolate cake for desert from Bon Appetite magazine and the frosting from Martha Stewart website. I made the Eiffel Tower and put sparkle powder to make it look like the one on the picture. 
Everything turned out great! just set a budget for your party and stick to it!

the Boutique was my desk and a mirror from Wal-mart $4, I also got lip glosses and eye shadows at Ross for $7, glasses, wands, earrings and headbands were from the Dollar Tree totaling $15

For the picture booth, I used a moving box, gift wrapping paper and black construction paper also from the Dollar tree; the drapes were from Bianca's bedroom.

goodie bags $97 (with tax)
Dollar Tree  $20
Ross             $7
Wal-mart      $4
Food             $85
The grand total was $213,  we had a fabulous party that I had fun planning and the girls played games, dressed up, danced, and laughed!!!!

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