Sunday, April 24, 2011

let's P A R T Y!!!!!

It was a Great Easter Day!

Thanks to it was really easy to put some color to the party, it's so nice to see how a few fun decorations make the kids burst with happiness. I always try to buy colors that I can reuse so it's more affordable to have little energy bust "Parties"

We made some colorful pine cones for the center piece, just that kept my daughter entertain for 1 hour :o), and it was earth day so it was perfect!

We made some fresh lemonade with mint leaves and orange colorant to make it pop!, strawberries with chocolate, and a little basket cupcakes! it was a small super cute party! the kids had their egg hunt and played for hours with their goodies!

when the sugar kicked in we had 4 super happy kids! the next picture it's my proof that sugar works! 
 Laugh everyday!!!!


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